CoCA is proud to present our upcoming exhibition:
A Conversation Through Time & Space — January 7 – February 20, 2021.

In this exhibition, Selma Waldman’s artworks are juxtaposed with nine CoCA artist members. Together these works construct a creative dialogue between contemporary artists and Selma Waldman. Ms. Waldman has since passed beyond this moment as of 2008. A Conversation Through Time & Space runs from January 7– February 20, 2021. Exhibition tours will occur virtually, online at Tours by appointment-only during the exhibition will be available in compliance with Washington State COVID-19 guidelines.

Selma’s physical voice has since been physically silenced, but her ideas and artistic voice lives on. CoCA
exhibitions are committed to embracing our 40 years of shared experiences and accumulated knowledge to
re-examine our important relationships and the world around us. A Conversation Through Time & Space
highlights the essential role of artists within the local and global conversations as makers and creatives.

Attached is a complete press release.

For more images and information contact Nat Thornton, CoCA curator,

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