In Not Your Monolith 15 interdisciplinary artists from around the Pacific Northwest deconstruct the collective monoliths placed around Black, Indigenous and People of Color’s (BIPoC) artist communities

Seattle, WA: Oct 14, 2020.) The Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) is proud to present Not Your Monolith, an exhibition which features 15 artists nominated by Wa Na Wari, Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts, Asian Pacific Cultural Center (APCC), Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, and La Sala Latinx Artists’ Network. Not Your Monolith will run from November 5 – December 19, with tours by appointment and virtually for the duration of the exhibit in accordance with state guidelines for COVID-19.
This exhibition will display work from artists Che Lopez, Jake Prendez, Maya Milton from Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery. Anouk Rawkson and Tatiana Garmendia from La Sala Latinx Artists’ Network. Brenetta Ward and Osa Elaiho from Wa Na Wari. Brenda Mallory, Lillian Pitt, Sara Siestreem and Shirod Younker from Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts. Jungho Kim, Michelle Kumata, Qin Tan and Silena Wei Chan from the Asian Pacific Cultural Center. Each artist presents work that provides a distinct and equally invaluable perspective on what it means to be not only an individual but also a communal member of BIPoC artistic communities and the global community.
Not Your Monolith is meant to provide a thoughtful push against preconceived notions and unrealistic expectations placed on BIPoC artistic communities and provide a more inclusive lens through which to view these communities. BIPoC artistic communities often have their art viewed through their external identity and how their identities are read by the people around them. This exhibition seeks to provide space not only for this external identity, but their internal identities as well.
About CoCA: CoCA serves the Pacific Northwest as a catalyst and forum for the advancement, development, and understanding of Contemporary. CoCA has been a vital part of the contemporary art community in the Northwest since 1981, operating galleries and producing events for almost 40 years.
CoCA is an organization dedicated to serving as an ally to BIPoC arts organizations. We hope to build bridges
between underrepresented artist groups in order to create and support an inclusive space for creative
expression and community. CoCA supports a fully empowered creative life for all people. We commit to
championing policies and practices of cultural equity that build a community for artists and art lovers.

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