Call for Art = “Consumed by Consent” 
Curated by Lisa Rockford
Submission Deadline 11/10/19

Call for artwork representing our love/hate relationship with consumerism. 
Works should align with a maximalist aesthetic and represent a celebration or critique of Materialism; Overindulgence in, or overabundance of: Purchasing, Hunting, Collecting, Amassing, and/or Displaying consumer goods. 

The group exhibition is proposed for the ninth annual SPRING/BREAK Art Show, in New York City, as part of Armory Art week 2020. 

Artists may submit up to 5 works, in any media, for consideration, plus detail images. (Artworks with multiple pieces may be considered one work).

Shipping/Installation Dates: February 24 – March 1, 2020 
Show Dates: March 3 – 9, 2020 
De-installation: March 10-11, 2020 

Before Applying: 
•    TITLE each artwork image with your Last name, First Name, title, & image # (i.e. Rockford_Lisa-SheMonster-1.jpg) 

More details and Application HERE:

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