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Newsletter November 13, 2018

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Calls for Artists and Writers

We are pleased to announce the themes for upcoming issues of
Still Point Arts Quarterly and online exhibitions in 2019.

For Spring 2019 . . . 

The Garden

[Gardens are ] full of mysteries and secrets, like . . . poems turned into landscapes.
— Jaclyn Dolamore

image: Mary Macey Butler, Shady Glen from Nature’s Texture

Call for Artists
Submission Deadline: January 2, 2019
Information and Submission Form

Call for Writers
Submission Deadline: December 1, 2018
Information and Submission Form

For Summer 2019 . . . 

Our Beautiful Planet

This was exactly what I experienced in space: immense gratitude for the opportunity to see Earth from this vantage, and for the gift of the planet we’ve been given.
— Ron Garan, The Orbital Perspective: Lessons in Seeing the Big Picture from a Journey of 71 Million Miles

image: Francesco Mocellin, Atacama Dry Lake, Chile WC CC

Call for Artists
Submission Deadline: April 1, 2019
Information and Submission Form

Call for Writers
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2018
Information and Submission

For Fall 2019 . . . 

The Dance

I would like to no longer dance to anything but the rhythm of my soul.
— Isadora Duncan

image: Edvard Munch, The Dance of Life WC PD

Call for Artists
Submission deadline: July 1, 2019

Call for Writers
Submission deadline: June 1, 2019

For Winter 2019 . . . 

Phenomenal Woman

I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Maya Angelou, "Penomenal Woman"

image: The Queen of Sheba from Bellifortis by Conrad Kyeser, c.1402 WC CC

Call for Artists
Submission deadline: October 1, 2019

Call for Writers
Submission deadline: September 1, 2019


Scott writes about how his visionary book came to be . . . 

Sometimes, perseverance pays off.

Back in the early 2000s, I began working on a few poems in response to Martin Heidegger’s essay, “Building Dwelling Thinking,” which I first read over a decade before while living in Germany.

In this essay, Heidegger argues that dwelling is our way of being on the Earth, but that modern society creates a rift between building and dwelling. . . . 

I wrote to half a dozen publishers I thought would have an interest and Christine Cote of Shanti Arts in Brunswick, Maine, was one of the first to respond. I sent her the manuscript.

A few weeks later, Christine wrote with such enthusiasm and a clear sense of the vision I had for the book. And the press, which was founded in 2011 “to celebrate and promote connections between art, nature, and spirit,” seemed like a gift to the book.

Christine’s design sense, too, was a gift and, when I suggested using some of my friend the artist Hans Van Meeuwen‘s drawings in the book, she loved the idea. Hans was an artist in residence at Millay when I was there in 2002; in fact, it’s where we met.

And when I told Christine I wanted to run the “definition poems” as a footer across the bottom of the page throughout the book, she was willing to try it–as skeptical as she may have been at first. I also ran the idea by my poetry friend Erin Belieu, showing her a sample. She said it “felt like a whisper across the bottom of the page.” It worked!

Sixteen years after that drive up to the Millay Colony, I’m holding a copy of this book in my hand. It seems like a minor miracle. Although, the real miracle will be you, dear readers, and your reaction to my little book of dwelling on the Earth.

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