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galleryHOMELAND Presents Lina Dib &
Creative Investigations:: 1 to 1 Interviews &
Disaster Beyond:: Dib-Eden-James-Middendorf
Texas Contemporary Art Fair, George R. Brown A3
Oct. 4-7, 2018
Vip Opening Oct. 4, 7:30 – 10pm
galleryHOMELAND is please to invite you Thursday night for the VIP opening of the Texas Contemporary Art Fair.  HOMELAND is pleased to be joining over 75 international galleries and cultural partners for this years largest gathering of creatives!  With our multi year inclusion as a partner, galleryHOMELAND is pleased to be presenting not one but Three wonderul projects this year.  Lina Dib, interdisciplinary artists and PHD, will be presenting new works digging deep into the ephemeral space between environment and experimental investigations. Her installations and compositions range from the experimental to the ethnographic and investigate socio-technical and ecological change. Learm more about what galleryHOMELAND has up its sleeves, new projects, AND East Coast Annex Program!   More Texas Contemporary Info
Disaster Beyond:

Making, Collecting, and Funding the Arts Post Disaster and Beyond

Saturday, October 6 | 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Location: In Conversation | George R. Brown Convention Center
Panelists: Lina Dib / artist , Xandra Eden / DiverseWorks, Terrell James / artist, Paul Middendorf / galleryHOMELAND
Join us for a captivating panel discussion on the current state of making, collecting and funding the arts post Hurricane Harvey and beyond.  During this discussion creatives and civic leaders work through the new methods being taken post disaster.  Working through the dialog of the changing landscape of the economy and creative markets, panelist discuss the new directions being taken in the rebuilding of the art market as well as preparation and precautions being excersized locally and nationally. Wether an artists, administrator, or art collector, Disaster Beyond will help better to understand the changes and new progressions within the arts and get a grasp on future preservation.
Creative Investigations  Oct 4-7 
Cultural One on One Conversations
Featuring / Not Limited To:
Terry Suprean, Bret Shirley, Lina Dib, Mary Mattingly, Terrell James, Maria-Elisa Heg, and more with guest curators, museum directors, Oh My!
Not in between two ferns but located in a small cultural booth, these creatives will gather one on one for a shoot from the hip cultural dialog and discourse.  Interviews will be happening throughout the Art Fair and posted online as the weekend progresses or come by and watch them live.  A conversation by many not to be missed.

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