Fathi Hassan, ‘Orizzonte’ (Detail), 2010

Lawrie Shabibi at 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair

We are delighted to annouce our return to the London edition of 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair featuring a presentation of three artists: Nadia Kaabi-Linke (b. 1978, Tunis), Fathi Hassan (b. 1957, Cairo) and Zak Ové (b. 1966, London).

For the first time the gallery will show works of Fathi Hassan, a Nubian Egyptian artist now living and working in Edinburgh (Scotland). At 1-54 Hassan presents a series of collaged works that engage with the symbols, textures and calligraphy of invented, Kufic-inspired scripts, exploring the space between graphic symbolism and literal meaning. Alongside his vibrantly coloured collages and black and white letterist paintings, Hassan presents a series of photographs which overlay words from Arabic and Nubian languages to celebrate the strong oral tradition in Nubian culture.

Based in Berlin,Tunisian-Ukrainian Nadia Kaabi-Linke presents The bank is safe (in memory of Wilhelm Voigt), 2018 a sculptural intervention on a found park bench covering it with spikes typically used on surfaces to prevent birds from resting. It confronts the viewer with its imposition and physicality,transforming a benign place of safety and rest into a hostile object, perplexing in its functionality and contradictory in its purpose.

Following from his first exhibition in Dubai in March earlier this year, Lawrie Shabibi presents works from Zak Ové’s series of Doily Paintings and from his Stargazer sculptures. Ové, based between London and Trinidad, works between sculpture, film and photography seeking to reignite and reinterpret lost culture using new-world materials, whilst paying tribute to both spiritual and artistic African identity.

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