(Los Angeles) – We are pleased to present Chenhung Chen’s I Ching In America, Hexagram
#32 an installation created as an artist-in-residence at Shoebox Projects. The completed work
will be on view during the reception on Saturday December 2nd from 3-6pm.

Chenhung Chen’s artistic language utilizes the physical and suggestive capabilities of line,
material and space. She uses repurposed and discarded cables and copper wire to convey a
sense of the force whose original function was to harness electricity and transforms its potential,
bending it to the will of man. This function has always fascinated Chen, so she utilized these
man-made materials to create sculpture and installations.

Interested with the dichotomy of order and chaos, Chen is able to touch on the pursuit of and
embrace of balance. She is inspired by the innovation and perseverance of mankind to create the
technological phenomenon of the information age.

In her artist’s residency at Shoebox Projects, Chen will be working on her hexagram series
entitled, I Ching In America, based on the hexagrams by I Ching. This three-dimensional

installation will be composed of a “skeleton,” which will consist of a computer desk and a large
crocheted piece of electronic fabric, made from electric wires and components.

Touching on the subject of continuity and un-ending change within the natural cycle of creation
and destruction, Chen’s I Ching In America, Hexagram #32, refers to I Ching’s hexagrams

Each one represents the human condition and its consequences and acts as an oracle to provide
insight and understanding.

Chenhung Chen is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles. Born in Beigang, Taiwan,
Chen graduated from the Chinese Cultural University. She received her MFA at the School of

Visual Arts in New York City where she studied with Ursula von Rydingsvard and Jackie

Winsor. She has traveled the world as a volunteer for The Prem Rawat Foundation, working for
global peace. Her artwork has been exhibited across the United States and internationally. Chen
has exhibited at the PS1 Museum, Hwa Kang Museum, UVU Woodbury Art Museum, Marin

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego Art Institute, Crafton Hills College Art Gallery,

Fullerton College Art Gallery, Torrance Art Museum and Gallery 825 in Los Angeles. She has

been written about in The Creators Project, Konbini, Art and Cake, Diversions LA

Art, Art, and more Art

Location:Los Angeles

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