So now that yarn bombing is getting so popular, you can find it in most large cities. When I read articles on the net describing the yarn bombers- descriptions such as Hippy, happy, whimsical all pop up. It made me wonder…

Why has yarn bombing gotten such a cheery reception, while typical urban graffiti is treated with a disapproving tsk?

Is it because yarning is pretty? Is it because it’s cute, cozy, and conjures up images of a bunch of Donna Reed knitting mommies.

Is regular graffiti sinister with a message of antiestablishment… Is graffiti hard? Is it because it’s generally done by a low income demographic?

What’s the deal? Why has yarn bombing become fancy free and graffiti has a bad wrap… What’s making it catch on so—>

Is it daring with a bow– rebellious with a cupcake on top?

Leaves me pondering — a lot…

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