Do you ever find yourself in this same situation as the video below when trying to write your artist statement?  It’s totally true– and really its pretty funny.  Art is a language of its own, that’s why it feels so arbitrary to write a statement explaining it. I mean we are taking a part of our inner selves and putting it out for people to see– is not that enough exposure.  Do we also have to talk about the shit too.  I mean sometimes it can be TOO much.

I used to have an artist statement that read, res ipsa loquitur– Latin meaning, the thing speaks for itself.  It may have been a little bratty– but that’s how I felt at the time.

To this day I still can’t stand the artist statement.  I find it a tool for galleries to use to sell art.  But that is part of the game no?  We want to art to be sold– so we must play accordingly.

What do you think?

Happy Thursday


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