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September 30– October 9, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, September 30th, 69pm
Artist Reception:  Friday, October 7th, 69 pm
Orchard Windows Gallery is pleased to present Im Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina a solo exhibition by artist Jamie Martinez.
The painting technique utilized by Martinez is called Triangulism. This method deconstructs an image by using geometric triangles, and by process of elimination, only the core triangles are left to show the image’s true meaning, form and structure. The beauty and contrast that a ballerina gives is unmatched, and as a figurative painter, Martinez found inspiration for this series in the dancer’s form.
The artists process yielded eight oil on Cotton Paintings as well as two story board photographs that are street and Polaroid inspired—all of which will be on display during the run of Im Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina.
Visual artist, Jamie Martinez, moved to Florida at the age of 12 from his hometown of Cali, Colombia. After attendinMiami International University of Art and Design and receiving the prestigious Hispanic Designers scholarship, he moved to New York to pursue his Bachelors degree (F.I.T.), and to follow his dream in the Visual Arts. Not one to follow others, Jamie’s work clearly expresses his exceptional view at life and art. He has shown all over New York City, Miami and recently in Canada. Jamie Martinez currently resides and works in Manhattan, and is represented by Orchard Windows Gallery in NYC.

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