This below makes me really want to throw up.  I mean as artists we already have to pay out our ass to enter anything these days.  Who the hell else has to pay for their job interviews?  I don’t know of any other profession that does this.  Maybe it’s because the rest of the world really doesn’t consider being an artist a real profession anyway.  I mean decorators are happy to paint red canvases to take up wall space in hotels and residences. Why the hell do they need us.  The real joke is that very few artists end up making a living as artists.  If they do its because they have found their niche with a few good galleries, they self promote like mad balls, or are on a lucrative festival circuit.  I am used to seeing fees to enter art competitions but this shit below really made me mad. I mean what the fuck, let me say this again– WHAT THE FUCK.  You are a gallery, you are wanting artists, and you want us to pay you for consideration.  FUCK yourself you fucker!  FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU!  We have had it! And we are not going to take it anymore!


CALL FOR ENTRY: We are considering artists to represent with exhibits in late 2011 and throughout 2012 at Austin Details Art + Photo in downtown Austin, Texas. We’d like to get to know emerging and established artists as people and partners. We hope you’ll be a part of our art.

YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO SUBMIT if you are an emerging or established artist creating original visual art, craft and photography, in any media, 2-D, 3-D and are practicing your art within Texas or the Southwest United States, with a focused style or theme that is both identifiable and in series. If chosen, we’ll review your current work in person at our gallery, and work with you to create and promote a new body of work for a 2012 exhibit.

ENTER BY JUNE 20 (midnight) to have your work considered for representation at our gallery.

JURIED BY: gallery founder/director Jann Alexander.

HOW TO SUBMIT: You must submit four jpeg images for one entry fee of $35. Entries will be judged by Jann Alexander on your originality in creating work; on the basis of your creativity in expression; on the basis of your unique interpretive style; in consideration of your professional execution; and the wow factor of your work. Your dedication to your creative output will be considered based on your bio and website and other information you provide in the entry form. If chosen to participate, your work will be exhibited in downtown Austin at Austin Details Art + Photo gallery, 106 East 8th Austin, TX 78701, on a schedule we will determine together.

EXHIBITS WILL BE PLANNED FOR FALL 2011 OR 2012. Opening receptions occur during Austin’s I Art Congress second Thursdays monthly art walk.

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