I don’t feel like going to bed so I’m watching shit tv. I’m not sure if this is man vs food or what but they are grilling a giant hamburger. It’s kind of making me hurl, and not in a good way. Ooh, now they are adding five gallons of pickles– sick. Don’t tell me, nooo, ohh he’s eating it! Gross! I hope he turns into a giant pickle. If Alton brown comes on next I’m stealing the dogs benadryl.



Thank god! It’s best thing I ever ate! Bobby Flay– not a bad sign. Eeeeee — hamburgers again! Is this why we are obese? I guess it’s my damn fault for watching food tv…

How are these chicks eating burgers so thin? Like Giada–wtf…

Ok that’s it– I’m hitting the dogs stash!

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