In the early 1950s de Kooning

Wouldn’t this be kind of funny!

Ok so…  You find a piece of artwork on the net, lets say an older Pollock ( a not so recognizable piece of work) or maybe an Willem de Kooning of discreet nature.  Then print it out on canvas and take it into every gallery you know, say it is your work and that you want to be a part of that gallery.  I bet you good money, or three hot cookies you don’t get in anywhere.  As a matter of perception you will be declined because they will not know whose work it is, and they will say your work is not a fit for their gallery.  I think it would be interesting.  I may do it and video tape it to see what happens.  Would you not laugh your ass off! 

Would you be surprised if I didn’t get in anywhere if I did this?

What do you think?

What would it say about the art world…

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