According to sources, some of the entries in the Hunting Art Prize trace photos with their paint to achieve photo realism. Why does this bother me so much? I guess I should expect that all values degrade as time marches on. In my opinion, it’s the mark of someone pretending to create art.

    • SOnia Semone They don’t even trace it– the paint is applied by a machine.

    • John Logan TRACERS!

    • Clint Scism The info I had was on images passed off as hand painted when they are actually traced and painted by number in a way. The guys who created his own printer is pretty lame as well… for this specific competition. At least he admits how his was made instead of passing it off as talent.

    • SOnia Semone Oh Gosh! Another one!

    • Clint Scism

      We have these tracers embedded in the art scene and in my opinion they are just profiteers masquerading as artists. It really degrades the value of real art that is created with talent. Instead we have images that are borrowed/ stolen. We can report these people due to the fact that most of these photos that they trace are copyrighted. If you don’t change your trace art enough then you could face prosecution. Most of the tracers usually splash a bit of extra paint on the piece to original-it-up or they simply change a few colors and then celebrate their tiny decisions as artistic choice. lolame! The “Artists” who created the Obama poster by tracing a photo from the Associated Press, got a wake up call. He also traced the face of Andre the giant and gained trace art popularity. I hate hearing him described as an artist on the news. If you trace photos or other people’s art at any point in your “artistic” process then do the world a favor and stop calling yourself an artist. If not let’s begin calling Xerox machines artbots.See More

    • SOnia Semone I could not agree more– and I’m glad was prosecuted. Although a deal was made with associated press. It makes me cringe to when I see trace artists. It is blatantly obvious — and now they have used the phrase hyper realism to make their work sound legit. I had a long discussion on this with a friend the other day. Disclosure should be made at the very least.

    • Travis Rex Clint, any articles on this?

    • SOnia Semone Can I post this thread about Tracers? S

    • Kevin Meeker I guess paint-by-numbers is out too. Philistines!

    • Clint Scism But you don’t stay in the lines so your paint by numbers are acceptable. lol

    • Clint Scism SOnia… sure. Post away. I’ve got rants.

    • Brian Keene Photographs are for photo realism….what’s the point of painting it?!

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