What is your name: Matthew G. Beall
Do you have a formal art education or are you a self taught artist: No formal art education-
What is the style of your pieces: My work is abstract – reductive and geometric. I’m also a photographer focusing mostly on architecture, urban scenes, and landscape in monochrome.
What is the medium in which you work: Mostly acrylic on both paper and canvas. I love working on paper! I feel I have much more control on paper.
What started you on your path as an artist: Looking at my grandfather’s art and architecture books as a child. I think the seed was planted then.
What is one of the most important things that art has brought to your life: Observing i.e.  Look, See, Think
What is your favorite genre of art besides the one you work in: photorealism
Do you have art showings, and if so what are they typically like: I do have exhibitions, but could use a lot more! Typically people come, look, maybe ask a question or two, mill around, sometimes buy a piece, and I soak it all in, in amazement.
Do you have a certain set of clothes you make art in: Blue jeans and t-shirts – my standard painting outfit. I’m thinking about actually making a piece out of my old painting clothes since they look like abstract pieces!
What has been the most frustrating part of being an artist? A hard question to answer. Everything, but mostly trying to get my work “out there” to be seen, to be recognized, to get the break.
What is your favorite sandwich of all time: Ruben!
Has this year brought about any changes in your work, and if so what are they: The year has really just begun… perhaps I’m leaning towards being even more reductive as well as bringing in a bit more color. Is that a contradiction?
Who is your favorite artist alive or dead: Hmm, that’s a difficult question. Most are long gone, and I have a long list to be honest. One that comes immediately to mind: Gehard Richter

What is the most moving piece of artwork that you have seen in person: When I saw de Kooning’s powerful “Composition” painted in 1955 for the first time, I stood in front of it in awe. The hair on my arms stood up, my voice cracked, tears emerged and I silently wept. It knocked me off my feet!

Do you have any animals, and what do they think of your work: No animals, not even a goldfish. I’m sure they would scratch their heads in wonder if had any.
Do you have any upcoming exhibitions you would like to share with us: At the moment there is one coming up in the States, a group show. The dates are not yet set. I am always looking for opportunities.


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