At the beginning of their career, most artists are trying  with effort to get into a few good galleries.  It is not an easy task by any means.  There are thousands of artists competing for relatively few places in each gallery. Trying to be a lucrative artist is no different that trying to be a lucrative actor/actress.  There are many actors that make a living, that never become famous– and the same goes for artists. Then there are many actors/actresses that never get anywhere, and the same goes for artists.  
What separates those who get where they want from those who do not?  Hard work, Endurance, and DRIVE.  Without these things all in sync chances are limited.  If you are hoping to one day be miraculously “found”, then you need to be in more places to be seen.  The more you are out there, the more galleries will see your work and recognize it when it gets put in front of them.  That’s another thing, just like we discussed in another post, your work needs to be recognizable as yours.  Your work needs to be good.  That means it should be executed technically well.  You are selling a product, whether you like it or not, it should be of good quality.  Use good canvases, make sure you always have a hanging method.  Enter art Call to Artists, group shows, art competitions.  Relegate time every week or month to get these types of things done.  Make sure the pictures of your works are great, not just good.  This is the only thing that judges or galleries will see.  Be patient.  Most artists careers do not climb overnight.  

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