A Social Acid (leaked), A Terminal Edit (4), the Saps at Sea and Additional Research (Bernadine Dohrn)
 Marty Walker gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Dallas, Texas based artist Jeff Zilm entitled “A Social Acid (leaked), A Terminal Edit (4), the Saps at Sea and Additional Research (Bernadine Dohrn)” This is Jeff Zilm’s second solo exhibition in the gallery.
For this exhibition Zilm will install 7 new paintings; four film paintings and new work from the Password Series and Arrow Heads.
While Zilm explores the possibilities and variations open to painting in all of the works in this exhibition, the core concern is the ongoing film painting project. The artist continues to make paintings by transferring complete films, materially, from reel to canvas. Through a process of chemical destabilization he is able to extract the sound and image data from the celluloid base of a reel of film and bind it with an acrylic emulsion. The process is completed by literally re-projecting the film onto a canvas with an industrial paint sprayer. In each instance the artist observes a strict 1:1 ratio – one film equals one painting. The resulting painting, existing as a kind of spectral presence, is both collapsed montage and impenetrable mise en scène. For this exhibition the artist will present work by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and DW Griffith.
The Password series of paintings is presented in a format of extreme horizontality; both paintings in the show are 10 feet by four inches. The text in the series is comprised of current and former passwords used by the artist. I EAT A SOCIAL ACID, for instance, is the current valid password for Zilm’s gmail account. The Password series reconsiders the platform of painting as a site of real information that is literally coded and one that may be a speaking body.
Arrow Heads is a series of small iron-on transfer paintings of Neolithic arrowheads; all of the work in the series is being documented in a book in 2011. It will be the Zilm’s first book.
Former Chinati Foundation artist-in-residence, Jeff Zilm graduated with a BA from the University of North Texas and has shown his paintings and videos in a number of exhibitions, including the group exhibition Texas Nexus at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; the Dallas Museum of Art; Pat Hearn Gallery; and the Jewish Museum, New York, among others.
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