Sonia Semone

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Ok, well maybe not yet– but kind of.  After all the trees go up after thanksgiving don’t they…  The holidays are a time that many artists sell a lot of work.  It can be through trunk shows, galleries, online– wherever.  Some take this time to offer discounts on their work, while others hustle to get in more events. 

Here are some art selling tips for the holidays:

Have a friend host an art holiday party for you.
Enter as many special holiday shows as you can.
Lower your pricing, have a holiday sale.
Let others know you are doing so by sending out emails and flyers.
Be brief and to the point in your promotions.
You can offer free shipping during the sale.
Think about adding your link to different websites.

Some things not to do:
Don’t bombard your clients with emails and updates.
Make sure you have in stock what you are selling.
Don’t take a long time to get an order out.
Don’t send out non quality images of your work.

Here are a few tips for the holidays.  If you have any others you would like to share please do so. AND add a link to your website in the comment sections below.


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