Paul McCarthy’s Complex Shit
We all know the art world is strange, we are a bit strange or we wouldn’t be part of it. I have often had conversations with my artist friends on what appears to be a prevalent trend in the industry today, weird art.  It seems the value of realism, modern art, abstraction has dwindled.  Don’t get me wrong, it still sells, and it is still out there– but a there is a tipping toward the bizarre.  It’s happening everywhere, maybe its a technological based shift, or maybe we have all gone mad.  I am not opposed to it, I am just noting it. Shows like ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’ highlight this phenomenon by having artists compete.  Let the craziest, porniest, stinkiest, dookiest win.  So what does all this mean… Does it trickle down everywhere?  Have you started thinking about your own art in different ways…
*On a side note, craziness historically always had a place in the art world–  right now it looks to be happening more.

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