Have you ever seen a piece of artwork and you just look at it and wonder WTF?  I have– and it made me wonder what elements create a good piece versus a bad piece of art?  I mean there are all the usual design principals and color theories of course– but what else…  I see a lot of “abstract” artists shitting spatters on canvas with no rhyme or reason as well– this is not aimed at anyone– more of an observation.  Just because you have a brush, load it with paint, trowel-trudge– and thrust it upon an unassuming plane does not make it artistic.

But anyway– back to the original question.  What makes bad art?

A response

I think art that doesn’t speak or communicate to an audience sucessfully has the potential of being called bad art. It may have something to do with the lack of “good composition” or color theory, or any number of things that we usually check to see if the art is unified and whole. Emotional content is a big part to me of sucessful art. This is a loaded question and I guess we could dialog all day. Thanks for asking.

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