Every artist has a dream for themselves. Sometime the daydreaming thoughts can take you to places far away.  Are the places the same every time?  Do they change?  What do they look like?

For some it may be having a good solid gallery representation for others it may be fame and fortune. 

The things that I want are probably not the same things you may want.

So if I were to dream a big dream — I would like to be an artist who travels the world in the name of art.  Going from one residency to another, in creative communes, without the pressure of sales.  I would like to paint and and have the ability to execute any idea that popped into my head– be it an installation of VW bugs or painting the side of a building.  I would like to be surrounded by other artists who were passionate and were strong in realizing their vision.  OH– and I would have fabulous food and the occasional drink.

Where does your mind take you?

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