So I have had this question in my mind for a while now.  What is fake art?  Maybe there is no such thing as fake art– maybe it is more poser art.  We have all scene it.  In my personal opinion it is the work that something is just not quite right with.  The piece that has been blatantly copied, or the technique lied about. 

I sent out an email about this very question, and the responses were passionate– and interesting. 

Here is the email that I sent along with responses.

This question pops up in my head from time to time. I often wonder…

What is fake art to you?

Is it the artwork that has been copied unabashedly from another artist?
Is it work that was said to be painted by hand when it was digitally done?
Is it a tree branch that was painted on, a picture of cat shit? I don’t really know– but I am curios what you think~


Kate Wickham July 30 at 10:26am
Definitely a copy of others’ art or style. 
Brett Dyer July 30 at 9:33am
I don’t think there is a such thing as fake art. Even giving it the subtitle as a fake version of art, implies there is something artistic about it. I do however, think there is misleading art both in terms of concept and form. Conceptually: Art that is a lying. The message or meaning is untruthful, or is only intended for a select few but is placed in a public forum without suggesting or revealing the inside dialog or story. (Example: David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps) Formally: Art that is presented to the public as original art created by the artist, yet it is composed or influenced from other’s objects, images, or even art. (Example: Duchamp’s Fountain) Although, with these opinions, most art could be considered misleading, and that is why I think the public also has some obligation to inform and educated themselves to some extint. 🙂 These same ideas could be applied to the news and media. Nice prompt Dookie!
Punkaj Manav July 29 at 10:01pm  
acording 2 me whch art doesnt hv t expresion of n artist i mean t touch ,spntinty,experince nd t mst imprtnt thng is orignalty .so evry art whch doesnt hv thse r fake nw a dys calendr is art cartooning is art copying is art but if ur art doesnt hv any spritual experince tht wud b sme thng else bt nt art art is a tuning of heart soul nd brain

Sue Ellen Davis July 29 at 11:25pm
Fake art has no soul. 
Shari Caldwell July 29 at 10:59pm Report
“Fake” art is when the creator doesn’t have the vision or discipline to work through obstacles, mental/talent blocks–whatever–to reach the end, no matter how long or difficult the process. These are the works of creators who settle for less than the best of what is inside of them. 
Junanne Peck July 29 at 8:29pm
Kinda like fake fur.:!#@ 
John Alexander Taylor July 29 at 7:39pm  
Fake art has no soul of artist, when you see a master piece done by one of the greats the work moves you but if it is a copy or fake it is dead on arrival. Why buy fake art when there is young local artist in programs in America that would love your support an then they might one day be called one of the greats.
Nice topic thanks for letting me tell my input on the matter.
As an young artist and a College Professor.
John Alexander Taylor
Rachel Parrish July 29 at 7:27pm
Copies are not fake art if done well. They can serve as a working artists bread and butter. It does not matter the medium, for me art is real, it is the artist that can be the actual fraud. It seems everyone is an artist these days. Maybe the whole story and perceived lifestyle is what they are after. They spend all their time writing statements and explaining their art and little time actually learning and creating their craft. You used to have to study and be a part of guild before you were considered an artist.

The fake artist who doesn’t pour their whole selves into their craft create “art” that is perceived as juvenile, rough, and *gasp* amatuerish. That is worse than fake art I suppose, it is bad art from the artist who spends too much time emoting and little time truly painting and creating that piece that burns into you long after you stood witness.

I am not an artist nor aspire to become one, I am a lover and patron of art that moves me no matter where I am or what I am doing.


Stephanie Thompson July 29 at 7:04pm
Art is created or captured
Stephanie Thompson July 29 at 7:05pm
Painting sculpture photos for example
Stephanie Thompson July 29 at 7:05pm
Music and literature
Stephanie Thompson July 29 at 7:06pm
While everyday occurrences can be beautiful I don’t consider them art.. 
Aaron Schraeter July 29 at 7:03pm Report
in my experience when art is referred to as “a fake” its when its been counterfeited, ie. the movie “Who the Fuck is Jackson Pollock” is debating whether this apparently newly discovered Pollock painting is legitimate or fake. 
Anne Robinson July 29 at 6:59pm
Copies and reproductions, I think.
Joey Bowman July 29 at 6:59pm
I dont really think of anything as “fake art” but I always get annoyed when people think of photography as not being art. Which would be kind of the same as saying its “fake art”. 

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