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Hi S
Thanks for your note. Here is something that I often feel and do not know how to deal with it.
I get motivated to paint and I will do a couple of paintings anywhere from 2-5 at one time, once I’m done though, I have no motivation to create. What is wrong with me?
The last time I painted was in end of Mar beginning of April. I love my new work and thought I was going to be actively painting. I have hit a brick wall and don’t know how to make myself get into the studio. I do everything else but paint. Do many artist go through the same thing? If so, how do they pull them self out of that “funk”.
I even ordered a new easel thinking that would help but it didn’t.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


SOnia Semone June 22 at 8:53am
The dreaded art slump. I have been there. I went out of town last year for quite a bit and when I came back I could not paint. When I did — it was terrible. I was like– OH sh! I sat it out and waited until I felt a real urge to paint instead of pushing myself. I also went to lots of openings and looked at art, not to copy but to be in a creative environment. When you are an artist, art is part of your vibe. Even if you are not creating you feel a kinship with artwork. At least I do.

I had never had been in the slump before last year, so when people talked about it I just didn’t get it. Then when it happened to me I was so unmotivated. I looked up articles and a lot said to push through and keep painting and creating, but like I said I tried and it just was not working. What really, really worked for me was taking the pressure off and taking a break. Don’t worry that you will never paint again, because you will. Give yourself a breather and don’t be hard on yourself.

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