Between You and Brett Dyer
Brett Dyer June 18 at 12:02pm
So, have you ever heard of any fat camps that are also colonies for artists? I really need something like that! A place where I focus on healthy activity and making art, but they would have to allow wine and smokes…hahaha Where is my utopia?

SOnia Semone June 18 at 12:04pm
Dookie– when you figure that out please let me know. The artist zen camp– cigs and booze– no food-no shoes

Brett Dyer June 18 at 12:10pm
Hahaha… maybe I should buy some acreage and start my own. Brisk morning walk/jog & yoga/meditaion- coffee, cig, and fruit breakfast, art time, salad bar lunch and brown bag talk, more art time, culinary art dinner(500 cal or less) compeition (like Iron Chef) happy hour/critique, collaborative art & party time, night cap, lights out by2am.

Would you attend?

SOnia Semone June 18 at 12:12pm
Hell Yes– This is awesome– I really think this could work! We also need daily massage to rid our bodies of toxins.

Brett Dyer June 18 at 12:20pm
True! maybe after the cig and coffee breakfast have a swimming/spa experience with hot and cold treatments and massages! That would also be nice to clear the mind before painting again! Good thinkin!

SOnia Semone June 18 at 12:21pm
Im in– Can I post this Convo on ArtHash– it is funny

Brett Dyer June 18 at 12:23pm
Go for it maybe we can find investors! Haha…. Next summer I seriously want to do something like this!

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